Terms & Conditions

Changes to dates and times : Should a course need to be changed due to staff/ pool changes and the School is unable to arrange a replacement session at the original time it reserves the right to change that time / date as necessary. No refund will be given should you be unable to attend the replacement session.

Payment : Payment for all courses is in advance and by the due dates. No guarantee can be given that spaces and times will still be available with late payments. Payments may be made by telephone, cheque, debit and credit card (no American Express) and either paid at the office or by post with the relevant paperwork. All forms must be included with payments.

Refunds : Should you wish to cancel your course/tuition session/product/charter or trip, in some circumstances a discretionary refund less a 25% cancellation fee will apply provided that notice is given in writing within 28 days of the charter.

Courses, private sessions, charters, trips and one-off bookings will incur a 100% charge- ie no refund will be given- if the cancellation is within 14 days of the date of departure/activity.

Any deviation from the above will solely be at the discretion of the managing director of Le Mourier Swim School Ltd. Where possible, credit will be issued, however, in some instances this will not be possible when a client cancels a charter and this must be understood before a deposit is paid.

One to One and private lessons require 24hr notice or will be charged in full.

Cancellations of Courses and Bookings : Le Mourier Swim School Ltd. reserves the right to cancel a course or booking if the numbers are below the minimum required by us to continue with that course or booking.

Health Conditions Relating to Marine Tours, Courses and Charters: It is the responsibility of each guest/participant on any marine tour, charter or course to NOTIFY LE MOURIER IN ADVANCE of any health conditions which may be affected, exacerbated or otherwise negatively impacted by time on a boat. This includes back problems or pain, pregnancy, heart conditions, severe asthma, any condition requiring urgent or regular medication which would not be available at sea etc.

Where there is a single organiser on behalf a party, it is the organiser who must check with each individual member or their party regarding health conditions. By completing the booking, the organiser is confirming that they have checked with every member of their party and received confirmation that they have no such conditions needing to be brought to Le Mourier’s attention.

Final Decision : The decision of the Managing Director of Le Mourier Swim School Ltd. for all matters will be final with regard to courses and bookings.

Health & Safety: The school will endeavour to follow industry best practices and Health & Safety guidelines to make every effort to reduce and eliminate the likelihood of accidents, although we cannot guarantee complete safety. The nature of the activities elements of risk are always present and cannot be completely removed. The school reserves the right to insist that all its safety precautions be unhindered and to remove and/or exclude members/customers in circumstances it deems necessary.

PhotographyIt is possible that the media/Le Mourier may film or take photos during the lessons although we will not allow private photography. By booking  you are expressing your agreement to this. You also agree that these details can be kept on our secure database to be held solely for Le Mourier Swim School which will not be given to any third party.

Snow: In the event of inclement weather we follow Education Department protocol- if the schools close for your safety, so do we and under such circumstances which are beyond our control, no refunds are available.

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Thank you for taking the time to read our terms and conditions and we trust you understand the necessity for them. By continuing with your application and signing one of our forms/completing your booking/ paying for your product or service you do so acknowledge that you fully understand the terms above and agree to them.