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Parent & Baby

Introducing your child to water begins early at Le Mourier.

Our Parent and Baby classes start from around 3-4 months through to around 18 months and encourage the development of a newborn baby’s natural reflex in water.

Although not actually “Taught to Swim” the emphasis here is on “Fun” and to make your baby relaxed and comfortable in the water. Through play and encouragement your baby will develop free movement in the pool. This in turn will lead to swimming when they are physically and emotionally ready.

As your child continues to grow and learn, Le Mourier has classes tailor-made to develop both their safety awareness around water along with proficient swimming technique.

Every parent wants the very best for their children. Starting their long-standing connection with the water early will do just that.

Experiencing the biggest following in the water to date Parent & Child has become one of the most popular activities to do with babies. Whilst bonding with your child in the water Mums & Dads are taught how to safely hold, develop and enhance their babies experience in the water.

Basically we teach you to teach your child with confidence.  There are hundreds of physical benefits too – just ask your specially trained teacher.  Not to mention the pool is 330C

Once Parent and young child are ready and have fully developed through the stages then they gently move on to Transition when the time is right for you and your youngster – their time in Little Ripples is just about to begin!