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Langford & Haute Vallee News Autumn 2014

More pool time at Langford & Haute Vallee

This term saw an increase in pool time available to Le Mourier swimmers.  Time currently available – Monday 7.30pm to 8.30pm HV, Thursday 3.30pm to 4.30pm LG, Friday 3.30pm to 5.00pm LG, Saturday 8am to 9am LG & Sunday 9am to 10am.  Should you find that one of the sessions available suits you better then let us know when you re-enrol – why not try online Re-Enrollement Autumn 2015 😉

Online booking….

Online Re-EnrollementSwimming Parties & more are now available online to book and pay through PayPal.  Many costumers have asked for this option so we have worked hard to deliver.

School Holiday Camps

Our holiday camps are becoming very popular!  We have developed camps which now suit & challenge all of our swimmers.  The Guppy Camp is for 4yrs to 8 yrs and The Aquaventure Camp is from 6yrs up.  Both have half and full day options and are no longer based on ability on sign up.  Once signed up they will be grouped by ability by the teachers and will do activities according to that ability which is second to none – keeping our individual approach alive too.  Les Ormes will still be used for intensive lessons which are still a fantastic tool for families to use to give their swimmer just a bit more to get them over a hurdle, fix a problem and bring on stamina!  All will be available to book online.  Guppy Camp and Aquaventure are available to book now!

Dolphins – What is Dolphins???

Its Le Mourier’s club…  It was developed to give those swimmers who’s aspirations were not in competitive swimming.  Its for those which don’t what to do next… Whilst competitive swimming has its place not every swimmer wishes to follow that path.  The Island we live in provide huge potential for aquatic activity and maintaining a level of core ability in the water is important to be able to safely and enjoyably get the most from the habitat  we live in and love!  Dolphins was created with that in mind.  We started with a small number which has grown over time and is now needing a new concept to look after swimmers once they have enjoyed their progression to Silver and Gold.  Swimmers currently come for an hour a week with aquatic activity in the water during part of the session such as lifesaving, first aid, kayaking, water polo etc etc.  In the summer months those swimmers can enjoy open water sessions under the guidance of our qualified and experienced staff.  Along the way we develop the keen minds of the budding aquatic pros and include every safety concept we can teach them.

In 2015 Le Mourier will be embarking on new activities such as power boating (RYA Registered Training Centre) which it is hoped will be available to the Dolphins on a regular occasion in some way.  It is also hoped that with increased pool time we will be able to increase the number of sessions a Dolphin can come to i.e. Out of 5 sessions available they can chose three per week – again increasing stamina, awareness and experience.  The idea is to broaden the horizon for these swimmers and their families to increase their ability to enjoy the water to the max but safely.

Visit the Dolphins page to find out more but be aware it is only the tip of the iceberg… In time the list of activity and experience will grow.