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Inverness Lodge News Autumn 2014

News and updates from Inverness Lodge

Photo week


Starts 18th November 😉  Taking photos of the children in, on or under the water

Photos will be of individual children and copies will be available from the office 😉


Swimming Parties at St Lawrence


Swimming parties at Inverness Lodge are only available to those families who swim with us!  We feel that the pool, chalet and gardens allow for a very special party and that should be something special for our swimmers to be able to invite their friends to.  Dates can be viewed and booked online & catering can be arranged should you prefer it.


Guppy Camp

Guppy Camp became a very popular activity week for our children this year!  The children enjoyed them immensely and we have been asked to open the bookings for February.  Half Day and Full Day available now too.  Please see the School Holiday page for more information and booking 😉

Christmas Parties 2014 – now open for booking 😉


Kim’s hints & tips

“Consistency & attendance is the best tool for success…!  If you are at the pool we can teach.  We do understand however that family pressures are high and time is short these days but if you can do your very best to be at the pool it will help!  Costumes, goggles, hats and shorts all need to be correctly fitted for the start of the lesson.  Board shorts for the boys can hinder their development as they cause a huge amount of drag for example.

Armbands when should they be used and when should they come off…?  Armbands are used to help maintain and correct body position for the swimmer.  Perfect practice makes perfect…  Timing of removing armbands in crucial.  The confidence that has been built over the time the children have been with us is the key to success.  When the swimmer is ready the armbands can come off but not to the detriment of their confidence.  Less haste will give far more gain!

In parent and child programmes we have submerging as one of our elements.  We teach this strictly within the guidelines and we teach you as parents what these guidelines are.  Control is hugely important so prompting your little one before you submerge is very important & essential.  Please follow us closely as surprising your child at this stage will be detrimental to their confidence and development… Confidence is King.  Speak to us in free time if you are unsure. Cheers K”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA